DialySeas Unit from SeaVisions

Nothing Thrives Without Good Water

As long as we have been keeping live tropical fish, water changes have been an critical part of the maintenance of keeping an aquarium. Without regular monthly water changes, the chances of success decline significantly. Water changes are performed to dilute unwanted compounds that build up or to replenish the necessary ones that are used up over time in a closed system. Water changes are an essential part of keeping tropical fish.

The benefits of water changes are provided naturally in the wild. Changes in water conditions can stimulate an immune response in fish which builds up slime on their bodies that help protect them from disease agents. In freshwater habitats, runoff from rain water replenishes minerals and washes away unwanted compounds that have settled or built up over time. Many freshwater fish are triggered to spawn based on seasonal rains. The refreshing, cooler, rain water that flushes through lakes and streams stimulates reproduction during times of ‘cleaner’ water conditions in order to improve the survival of their offspring. Marine fish are also provided natural water changes but in a more of a consistent, regular, steady fashion than in freshwater environments. Simple geography suggests that the oceans are ‘closed’ systems and these ecosystems exist without changing water conditions. However, marine habitats have incredible currents that are constantly moving water from one place to another. Upwelling currents replenish necessary nutrients that are brought up from deeper water and help move away unwanted pollutants. Surface currents that are wind driven also provide beneficial water changes to areas in the ocean.

Using cutting edge technology, SeaVisions of South Florida has developed ways to provide the benefits of water changes without the manual labor. The DialySeas Unit* from SeaVisions can provide all the benefits of water changes and at the same time conserve the ‘good’ components of the aquarium water. The unit, first developed in the 1980’s, ‘exchanges’ the aquarium water through an artificial kidney membrane that removes unwanted pollutants while conserving the salt and the good components of your aquarium water. These ‘exchanges’ are done daily in a consistent, regular method that provide marine fish a more natural water change with no sudden changes to water conditions. These units can also be used on freshwater aquariums to eliminate monthly manual water changes. If you are looking to just eliminate the manual labor, the Ocean Creator* by SeaVisions is automatic water changing system that performs scheduled water changes on an aquarium. These units have the ability to be located some distance away from the aquarium, perhaps in a storage closet or a garage. Both of these products from SeaVisions have been time tested and used successfully to maintain both fresh and marine aquariums for over a decade now.

Changing water on aquariums will remain an essential part of tropical fish husbandry. Some aquariums are just too big to reasonably change water manually. In these cases, an automatic system to maintain the water chemistry and fish health is a must and a critical part of the initial set up. SeaVisions of South Florida has products available to eliminate the manual labor involved in physically removing water from an aquarium then adding new water.