How to have your water tested by SeaVisions ICP

The steps below describe the process of sampling your water with the SeaVisions Comprehensive Water Test Kit, and submitting your samples to our lab for testing. You can purchase the SeaVisions Water Test Kit directly from this website.


Step 1

Go to and register your samples using the SV Sample ID codes provided.

Step 2

Using the 2 supplied sealable test tubes, collect your water from up to 2 different sources. Rinse each tube 3 times with the source water. Fill tube with water from 3 inches below surface and seal cap securely.

Step 3

Attach the registered SV Sample ID label to corresponding test sample tube.

Step 4

Return Samples in original box using the FedEx label provided.

Attention: Due to a backlog and system calibration, the turn-around for test results may be extended at this time.